Join The Incarnation Center Trail Crew!

Join the Incarnation Center Trail Crew!

Purchase a trail crew item and support the departments of Incarnation Center! Become a “Steward of the Natural World” and take care of the trails around you! When taking action to make a difference snap a picture and tag us on social media! Together we can change the world for the better one trail at a time.

By bringing home a “Trail Crew” design you are partnering with Incarnation Center to care for the natural world around you. Whether you are picking up litter, reminding people to stay on the trail, or returning natural items where they belong, you can help make the trails a little better each time you walk them. Join us! The support we get from you, our community of stewards, will help our center uphold its day to day activities during this time of turbulence so we can continue our mission.

Our first available fundraiser item is a Trail Crew T-Shirt from the Bushy Hill Nature Center. The price is $25.

Trail Crew Shirt
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Posted on: April 15, 2020