Mountain Laurels and Moccasin Flowers

Dana StiversNews

Mountain Laurels and Moccasin Flowers

Late spring at the Incarnation Center sees our forests come into life as the trees leaf out and a wall of green fills the spaces. It wasn’t too long ago that you could see deeply into the forest: the old stone walls, the little hills and the forested glens. Now everything is green and growing and our campus appears almost jungle-like in its fullness.

The mountain laurel, the state flower of Connecticut, is coming into bloom. This shrub is a mainstay of our lakesides and forest understory, and for a brief few weeks, each bush is blazed in hundreds of white cup flowers. In a select few places, the moccasin flower, also called the lady’s slipper, are in their brilliant and delicate bloom on the forest floor.

Our summer camp staff are pitching tents and moving equipment around the property as they set up for our hundreds of campers who will begin arriving in just a few weeks. Our pending summer camp season is building anticipation.

Over on Katsanis field our camp vegetable garden has recently received a new fence. Campers, students and guests from each of our programs will have the chance to tend the garden and benefit from our harvests.

These happenings tell us that a nice summer is coming shortly. Our camps will be filled with busy campers going about their fun days.